LIFE Groups

Connect with a LIFE group at the Church at Woodbine!
All LIFE groups meet on Sunday mornings at 9:30am unless otherwise noted. 

  • BIble Class

    Who:  Co-ed, all ages
    Where:  Chapel, Room 101 
    Contact:  Todd Wilburn -
    Focus:  "Explore the Bible"

  • Friendship Class

    Who:  Women, age 55+
    Where:  Chapel, Room 105B
    Contact:  Martia DeMore -
    Focus:  Bible study and fellowship with women

  • Truth Seekers

    Who:  Co-ed, all ages
    Where:  Education Building, Room 203B
    Contact:  Marlin Keel -
    Focus:  Applying Biblical truth to daily life

  • Creation to Christ

    Who:  Co-ed, all ages
    Where:  Education Building, Room 209
    Contact:  Richard Nelson -
    Focus:  Bible study and discussion.  Helpful for those whose first language is Chinese
  • The Well

    Who:  Women, all ages
    Where:  Education Building, Conference Room 211
    Contact:  Caryn Collier - 
    Focus:  In-depth Bible study


  • College Class

    Who:  All undergrad and grad students
    Where:  Education Building, Room 116B
    Contact:  Richard and Mary Barnes -
    Focus:  Bible study and discussion for students.

  • Christian Global Awareness 101

    Who:  Co-ed, all ages
    Where:  Education Building, Room 207A
    Contact:  Daniel Huegel -
    Focus:  Studying the Biblical, historical, cultural, and strategic vantage points of God’s global purpose to draw people from every nation to Himself.

  • Students

    Who:  Students  grade 6 - 12
    Where:  Education Building, Room 216
    Contact: Andrew Allen -
    Focus: Applying faith to life

  • Children

    Who:  Kindergarten through grade 5
    Where:  Education building, Room 105
    Contact: Donna Keel -
    Focus: "Bible Studies for Life"

    The Children's class offers age-appropriate, foundational Bible study and Bible skills development through a wide range of fun and challenging activities. 

  • Nursery/Preschool

    Who:  Ages 5 yrs and under
    Where:  Chapel, Room 103
    Contact:  Lauren Jones -
    Focus: "Jesus Story Book Bible"

    The Preschool class offers a fun and safe learning environment for children during Sunday morning LIFE groups and worship. 

Off Campus LIFE Groups

  • These LIFE groups meet off-campus during the week for a meal, fellowship, prayer, and discussion. Please contact us for more information.

    Koinonia Group
    When: Sunday, 6:00 PM (Bi-weekly)
    Location: 530 Battle Rd, Cane Ridge 37013
    Contact:  Mel Tunney -
    Focus: Book Study

    Alpha Group 
    When: Tuesday, 6:30 PM
    Location: 3312 Marcus Dr, Nashville 37211
    Contact:  Matt Worley -
    Focus: Sunday sermon

    Omega Group 
    When: Tuesday, 6:30 PM (Bi-weekly)
    Location: 161 McCall St, Nashville 37211
    Contact:  Theran Doll -
    Focus: Sunday sermon

    Men's Panera Group
    When: Thursday, 6:00 AM
    Location: Panera 100 Oaks - 2534 Powell Ave, Nashville 37204
    Contact: Doug Jones -
    Focus: Book of the Bible