None of us are immune to the pain brought on by living in a broken world. Fortunately, we don’t have to deal with it alone. Whatever your circumstances, heartache, and burdens, we’re here to help by offering comfort, support, and guidance on your journey.

Support Groups

Providing safe havens for those seeking help, healing, and support, walk with others on a similar journey as you.


Nurture Team

The Nurture Team ministers to people in times of illness, crisis and death in the family in many different ways. You can be involved by attending meetings on Mondays or Tuesdays, or by assisting any of these ministries in various ways on your own time, from your own home.



This team of men personally care for members of our church family—through hospital visits, calls, cards of encouragement, or service—during times of illness, crisis, emergency, or adjustment.


Please pray for those on our prayer pager list, and contact them to assure them of your prayer support. You simply call the number listed by the person’s name, then press 7777# and hang up. The person will then know that someone associated with Brentwood Baptist has prayed for them. Click here to see a current list of the people who have a prayer pager.

The Prayer Room was established to offer a set-apart place, a set apart time, for a set-apart purpose. It is designed to facilitate and promote an atmosphere/attitude of prayer.

To view a calendar of available timeslots in the Prayer Room, click here. If you’re interested in reserving a prayer time for you or your group, email us.

Need someone to talk to?

Ministry Team

Each Sunday, at the end of the worship service, our church members and ministers are available to talk and pray with you.

Pastoral Counseling

We’ll walk alongside you—whether you need premarital, marital, or individual counseling, grief support, intercessory prayer, encouragement, or spiritual guidance. Our Congregational Care Minister is available during normal business hours for assessment and referral to licensed, Christian therapists.

Mental Health Ministry

You don’t have to struggle alone. Come as you are to gain support and strength through the care and support of your friends at Brentwood Baptist Church.

Need Help?

The Benevolence ministry of Brentwood Baptist Church provides short-term assistance to individuals and families in need. The ministry provides assistance to church members and others on a case-by-case basis. A team of volunteers takes calls on a daily basis and determines the level of support that the church can provide.

If you would like for your needs to be considered, please call the Benevolence line at (615) 324-6179.