mentoring relationships


A mentor relationship is simply when someone walks along side of you and helps you move closer to Christ.


    Would you like to have someone walk alongside you to help answer some of your questions about life, purpose and where God fits into all of this?  Then you may benefit from having a mentor to help you navigate the journey of life. It doesn't matter what your age, status or where you are with your spiritual life. The mentor will establish a relationship with you and become available to you. This includes holding you accountable for information, skills, conversations and spiritual practices that you experience together. 


    Mentors establish a relationship with another person and make themselves available to encourage, invest in, and hold mentees accountable for certain aspects of the information, skills and spiritual journey that they might share together. Mentors are selfless leaders who are not out to make a name for themselves but rather are willing to pass on their knowledge, love and understanding for the sake of Jesus and his mission in this community, city and this world. From your time mentoring another person you are able to pass your faith along to the next generation and help point them toward becoming more like Christ.  Because of the influence that mentors have within our congregation, we do ask that mentors complete an application and equipping process prior to being placed in leadership.


    If you want to find a mentor or become one please contact Caryn Collier.