LIFE Groups

Connect with a LIFE group at the Church at Woodbine!
All LIFE groups meet on Sunday mornings at 9:30am unless otherwise noted. 

  • BIble Class

    Who:  Co-ed, all ages
    Where:  Room 101, Chapel
    Contact:  Todd Wilburn -
    Focus:  Prayer, Bible study, small group discussioins.

  • Creation to Christ

    Who:  Co-ed, all ages
    Where:  Education Building, Room 206
    Contact:  Jessica Bolton -, John Wang - 
    Focus:  Storytelling/storying through the Bible.  Helpful for those whose first language is not English. 
  • Friendship Class

    Who:  Women, age 55+
    Where:  Room 105b Chapel
    Contact:  Martia DeMore -
    Focus:  Bible study and fellowship with women. 

  • Spanish Class

    Who:  Spanish speaking, Co-ed, all ages 
    Where:  Education Building, Room 203 
    Contact:  Samuel Waguespack - 
    Focus:  Prayer, Bible study, discussion. 

  • Truth Seekers

    Who:  Co-ed, all ages
    Where:  Education Building, Room 211
    Contact:  Marlin Keel -
    Focus:  Application of biblical truth to daily lives.  Mix lecture and open discussion. 

  • The Well

    Who:  Women, all ages
    Where:  Education Building, Room 213
    Contact:  Caryn Collier - or Linda Crowder -  
    Focus:  In-depth study of Old and New Testament. 



    Who:  Co-ed, all ages
    Where:  Education Building, Pastor's Office
    Contact:  Chris Reid -
    Focus:  Bible study, small group discussions. 


    These LIFE groups meet off-campus during the week at 6:30pm for a meal, fellowship, prayer, and discussion. Please contact us for more information.

    Alpha Group:  Tuesdays
    Contanct:  Matt Worley -

    Omega Group:  Tuesdays
    Contact:  Doug Jones -

    Zion Group:  Thursdays
    Contact:  Charles DeMore -
    Phileo Group: Sundays
    Contact:  Mel Tunney -

Children/youth life groups

  • Preschool

    Who:  Ages birth through 5
    When:  Sundays, 9:30am and 10:45am
    Where:  Education building, lower level
    Contact:  Bre Eno -

    The Preschool class offers a fun and safe learning environment for children during Sunday morning LIFE groups and worship. 

  • Children

    Who:  Kindergarten through grade 6
    When:  Sundays, 9:30am
    Where:  Education building, room 202
    Contact: Donna Keel -

    The Children's class offers age-appropriate, foundational Bible study and Bible skills development through a wide range of fun and challenging activities. 

  • Students

    Who:  Middle and high school students
    When:  Sundays, 9:30am
    Where:  Education building, upstairs
    Contact: Bereket Weimer - or Shanty Luna -
  • The Battleground Urban Arts Center

    Who:  Ages 13 through 20
    When:  Tuesday and Thursday, 5:00pm - 7:00pm
    Where: Education building, room 214
    Contact:  Joel Frame -

    In partnership with the Church at Woodbine, The Battleground provides a safe place where youth receive instruction in various elements of hip-hop while focusing on Christ-centered discipleship and mentorship.  For more information see The Battleground website at